28 July 2012

My Italian Fix at Eataly in New York

Back in 1989 I was in my third year in college and I was lucky enough to spend the year abroad - from The College of Wooster in Ohio and spend the year studying Italian and Art History at the Syracuse University program in Florence, Italy. I've been obsessed with Italy ever since and completely fell in love with the food, the architecture, the art and well the men weren't so bad either...but that's a story for another day.
Anyway, on my recent trip to New York for a brief 48 hours a PR friend of mine was free to meet me for lunch and she suggested we meet in Eataly. Having  moved out of New York over 5 years ago - I've been bad about keeping up with the latest and greatest but of course like to visit something new every trip.

Well I was delighted and arrived in early from the hot and stickiness of the New York summer streets. A cool oasis filled with the tastes and smells of Italy everywhere. I was back in Florence all those years ago - walking around watching one person making mozzarella another young man was cutting a huge wheel of parmesan. In La Piazza (above in the middle of the space) you can sit at high table and sample foods from the myriad of stalls around you.

The cheese counter with salami and prosciutto hanging overhead.
 My friend and I ate in Manzo a restaurant inside the cavernous space - which was handy as we knew we had a place to sit. Eataly was founded by Oscar Farinetti and his partners include Mario Batali - renowned chef - author of 8 cookbooks and owner of 15 restaurants plus a slew of televisions show Italian cooking is synonymous with Batali. Also a big name with Italian cooking is Lidia Bastianich - she too is an author, restaurateur but also owner of a food and entertainment business. Her son Joe Bastianich, also a partner, has followed close behind her in the same footsteps -additionally Slow Food Italy and photographer David Gallizio are key partners. Slow Food acts as a consultant for Eataly - helping the establishment keep their quality control up to standard while continuing to provide delicious Italian food at reasonable prices.
Fresh Pastas.
Visiting Eataly made me yearn to return to Italy even more. It's been 22 years since I left Florence and I still pine for the place. I'm hoping next summer our family can get to Italy as I'd love to show my husband and daughter the magic and wonder of all that it has to offer. 
The pasta aisle.
Fish Market.
The Piazza  again.
Fruit and fresh vegetables.

If you are in New York and craving an Italian fix - don't forget to visit Eataly conveniently located on 23rd Street and 5th Avenue.
Many thanks to my dear friend Jeanne Byington - who has a lovely blog of her own - and grazie mille for the delicious Italian lunch at Manzo. Bellisimo!! 

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  1. Lisa,

    Was so full of great conversation and lunch that I didn't stop to try the gelato at Eataly that everyone raves about. Further, the line was huge. Next time!

    Great photos that capture the essence of Eataly and are a charming souvenir of a happy day.